Friday, December 12, 2008


Last night I've seen off my girlfriend Gabriel to the airport.
It went home, to London. She is doing a very humane work - she is treating dogs. Gabriel says that she understands dogs. And dogs understand her. People often buy pets as entertainment for them, but gradually they get attached to them and dogs become as members of the family, especially quickly it is happening with older persons.
Gabriel likes very much to travel. She traveled almost all South America and says that there people are leaving absolutely other life, different from Europe. They have absolutely other values, other view on life! She loves very much Mexico and Cuba. She brought a lot of photos from there. One month ago she was in Greece where now are disorders. She is saying that most of all she liked Corfu and least - Santorini. She expected to see in Greece many historical monuments, but in comparison with Iran it is a simple small group of stones. In her opinion the government of Greece do not make anything for showing to people the history of the country. Even Egypt flashes on the screen more often! And nevertheless the most important thing in our life - harmony. If there is a favorite occupation and your soul is tranquil - all around is perfect. It is a pity that we remember about this rarely.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I don't want to think about....

I don't want to think about the days when I will be old, the day when my parents will die or about other terrible things that may happen, but thinking about this I begin to see the present as a gift, life can be a nightmare or a sweet dream,


The first book i read named "Repose" by Robert Schneider, was about a very talented musician, born in a poor family. At 7 years he fell from a rock, as a result his body developed different from other people, his eyes turned yellow. The other children were afraid of him, even his parents kept him away from the society because were ashamed of their child. Not only his eyes made him different but his voice too, depending on feelings and what he wanted to say his voice could be very pleasant or scaring, also he could imitate perfectly every voice of the people he knew.
Children of his age found out about him and used to go at the window of the room where he was kept, and scream, "yellow eyes!! yellow eyes!!" he opened the window and with his angry voice told them to go away from there, the children got scared and ran away . Once, one of this children didn't run, and they became friends
The book has a sad ending, he fells in love with the girl who is going to marry his best friend, even being at the moment when his talent was recognized by people who could make him very rich, he wasn't happy.
Was bothered by a question "How can you tell a woman that you will love her all your life, if half of it you sleep?", he decided not to sleep anymore, taking a lot of medicines that kept him awake he managed not to sleep for 2 weeks, but his body couldn't take this anymore, and he died.
The book ended with a scene which presents the girl he loved after 4 years from his death, she was walking on a road with her 3 children, one of her teeth fell and her arms were dirty, walking she suddenly thought about him, then, one of her children asked "Mother what is love?", She wanted to answer, but didn't know.
I found this book philosophical.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A tradition has appeared to post at the end of each month. ;)

And probably I’ll quit posting at all till the end of the spring.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fight till the end!

That is the motto of today!

I know what is waiting for me today! Brrr….

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My biggest gladness is my son! When he’ll wake up we will start experiencing this world again.

Soon I’ll try to post hear his pictures and some video.

I wish you a good day!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Probably it would be the most interesting adventure of my life.

Some time ago I was diving for the first time and I was stunned that it is possible to breath under the water!

And I think that I would experience even stronger feeling after returning into my childhood.